Photo – John Yuyi

Artist – Tom Galle, Filio Galvez, Kentaro Ikegami, Eddie Negron, Manny Palou, Girl Pikachu, Nicole Ruggiero, Sebastian Ruiz, Moises Sanabria, John Yuyi

words – Fulano De Tal

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    Office —What was growing up in Ireland like? Can you tell me about your town?

    Eloisa Santos — It’s beautiful. It’s really, really rural. It’s nice, because it’s totally quiet. It’s one of those seaside sand towns. There’s a lot of them in Britain as well—they look amazing to tourists, but the reality is that living there can be quite different. There are a lot of drug problems and a lot of crime. It’s a different thing to live there because it’s quite a secluded, periphery town. Coming to London I was very aware that where I was from was very different from the background of a lot of people.

    O — Was it a hard transition to move from such a rural upbringing? I can’t imagine there was much fashion growing up. 

    ES — God, no. My dad is a painter and decorator, he paints houses. My mom had a shop job. I was never really exposed to any kind of creative careers. When I was younger, I would always work on building sites, from when I was about thirteen to when I left at about eighteen. My approach to materials is different to what other people are used to doing. I think it’s actually a good thing that I never knew much about fashion. When I first applied to Central Saint Martins, I didn’t really know what it was. I was only the second person in my whole family to go to university, it was such an opportunity to go to a school like that. It was quite hard, when I got to Saint Martins, you realize that—even more so now that the fees have gone up—it’s quite a homogenized group of people.

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