WAVES x Kentaro Ikegami IRL Institute Winter 2018
Kentaro Ikegami (b.1986 Tokyo, Japan)
Based in New York and San Francisco

First as Sancho Panza, then as Don Quixote, a farce none the less.

I.  As Sancho
Kentaro Ikegami has spent many years inadvertently moonlighting in collectives. He has executed works for the Japanese collective Chim↑Pom, he was a member of Don't Follow the Wind a team of artists and curators that made an exhibit inside the evacuated radioactive exclusion zone surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant owned by TEPCO in Japan, and he has dedicated himself to preserving the legacy and spirit of the late social sculptor Bruce High Quality

II.  As Don Quixote
A common thread that connects Ikegami's collective action with his studio art is his quixotic adherence to the ethical dimension of representation. A flawed technologist and even more a fraught philosopher; he has landed on his artwork as an occasion for outputting a single thought experiment: What would happen inside a nuclear explosion? Various waves and new particles will fuse, traveling through and into space. His works are executed by layering novel materials for the single purpose of creating an optical experience. To apprehend his work means the viewer is attenuated to moments in fields of color– light puncturing surfaces and reflecting back an abstraction. Various waves and new particles will fuse, traveling through and into space.

III. A Farce
Ikegami holds a B.F.A from Ontario College of Art, Canada (2008); an M.A from The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, UK (2010); XVI Advanced Course in Visual Arts, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Italy (2010); and an M.F.U from BHQFU, USA (2017).

































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